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Molly Stone

Molly Stone, Dip.A.B., CDBC, CC/SF-SPCA
Vice President
Advisory Board Member
Certified Dog Behavior Consultant



Counseling Certification (SF-SPCA Graduation with Honors)

Diploma of Animal Behavior (Companion Animal Sciences Institute, Graduate with Distinction)

Diploma of Advanced Canine Behavioral Sciences (Companion Animal Sciences Institute, Student)

Memberships and Affiliations

Professional Member: Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Certified Member: International Association of Dog Behavior Counselors

Member: Animal Behavior Society: Humane Society of the United States; American Humane Association

Certified Member: Association of Animal Behavior Professionals

Current Experience:

Staff Animal Behavior Specialist: SPCA of Wake County, Raleigh, NC (

Vice President and Instructor: CASI (

Advisory Board member: AABP (

Molly designed one of only a hand full of progressive shelter programs that make use of crate training / house training program with the communal housing and obedience training protocols (like the SFSPCA, San Diego, and Richmond). Molly evaluates all the dogs for adoption, writes and maintains their daily schedule, care (feeding, turn outs, environment enrichment, etc), and training programs. At the shelter, she also trains the staff and volunteers to implement the programs, and she oversees whether or not things are going well and makes adjustments as necessary. Molly is also responsible for "matching" dogs in the communal shelter "Bedrooms" with their roommates, and overseeing introductions of shelter dogs to owned dogs that belong to families that are considering adopting from the SPCA. Molly's dog training and behavior modification counseling services are available free of charge to anyone that adopts a dog or a cat from the SPCA and then encounters behavior problems after their new pets have come home. Molly is also the Vice President, Shelter and Rescue Department Head and Instructor with the Companion Animal Sciences Institute, and an Advisory Board Member with the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals.

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