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Here is what some of our students, graduates, and guest speakers have to say about their experience with CASI. We are very proud that our students and graduates find their experience with us so reinforcing.

"After being in the dog training industry for 3 years and feeling so overwhelmed about the lack of qualified trainers in my area, I wanted to become a qualified dog trainer and spread the good word of SCIENCE and positive reinforcement!! I found the Dip.CBST course is incredibly in-depth and thorough and has given me such a great understanding of how behavior works and how everything is related! I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for that extra in-depth knowledge or someone wanting to expand into a more detailed study of behavior. All the late nights of reading, nerding out, and pushing my dog knowledge brain have absolutely paid off; I have such a wider knowledge of where, why, how, and what of behavior! A big thanks to James and the CASI team for creating this great program"

- Rebecca Huysee, Cert.CBST


"While exploring canine behavior education options to help me build my knowledge and understanding in the field, I selected the CASI Canine Behavior Sciences and Technology program because of its rigor and its basis in science. I completed the program feeling much better prepared to handle more complex training and behavior cases. The program also contributed to my passing the IAABC Accredited Dog Trainer exam."

- Jill Hallam-Miller, Dip. CBST, IAABC ADT


"I had previously taken many dog training certificates and canine behavior certificate programs, I learned a lot but felt something was missing, and lots of information recurred in those programs, Having been university trained and a working field scientist, I knew something was missing and that I needed more. CASI's Canine Behavior Science and Technology program has exceeded my hopes and expectations, The information, skills & techniques I have gained through this program have truly made me a better scientist and truly effective and efficient in changing the lives of families, their dogs, and rescue-shelter dogs also.  The work is not easy, and it takes time to absorb and complete the program. Absolutely, worth all the sweat, all the late nights, and every minute of studying and digesting the coursework. Honestly, this coursework rivals anything I have done in my undergrad & graduate studies at university. I cannot thank CASI enough for the curriculum, and there is no better program that I can recommend. I hope this testimonial helps others shortcut the arduous path of researching and participating in other disappointing options. Nothing has improved my success and confidence so much as this. I highly recommend the CASI CBST program without reservation, take this program, & do good work."

- Alyson Mihalenko, Dip. CBST

BrindleDog Behavior Services LLC

"I have been raw-feeding my dogs for more than seven years and have always enjoyed studying canine nutrition. I started the CASI program to acquire even more knowledge and also to give me more credibility. I have always realized that this course is related to several professionals I greatly admire. I started the course and was impressed by the quality of the material available and how the assignments are presented. All content is based on a solid scientific theory that helps much with learning. Undoubtedly, it has everything that cannot be missing from a canine nutrition course. Susan is an excellent teacher, and I see that she always wants to contribute to her students' education. The course gave me more security and personal confidence. Thank you very much James and Susan for this course. It is an honor for me to be a graduate of The Companion Animal Sciences Institute."
Pollyana Massari, Cert. CN

Graduate, Certificate in Canine Nutrition

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was rigorous, methodical, logical, and packed full of information. My whole understanding of behaviour was challenged and expanded. So many courses claim to be "science-based"; this course *is* the science!"

- Sara Macpherson, Dip.ABST

Graduate, Diploma of Animal Behavior Science and Technology

“I landed on the CASI website during an exhaustive search for an educational opportunity that could truly help me grow my skill set as a canine behavior professional. I had already earned my certification for canine training and behavior consulting but wanted a deeper, richer understanding of the science behind the work. This program delivered the learning experience I was hoping for. The content was presented in a constructional format, the courses were challenging, and support was provided via a helpful online classroom forum. All inquiries for help and support were answered quickly. The goal for all students is mastery of the content and the system in place for submitting and getting feedback on assignments supports that goal. Personally, it deepened my understanding of functional assessments, contingency management, and other crucial mechanisms required to efficiently change behavior. If you have other certifications requiring continuing education credits, this program provides CEUs for each course which helped further justify the cost of tuition. In summary, this curriculum is focused, comprehensive, fulfilling, and of great value for anyone interested in understanding the natural science of behavior.”

- Erika Lessa, Dip.CBST, CDBT, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Graduate, Diploma of Canine Behavior Science and Technology

"I'll admit I was a little hesitant to sign up for a self-paced, self-lead course, as I tend to procrastinate and was a little intimidated to take it on alone. However, the course material was engaging and helped keep me motivated. The answers to all the questions can be found in the course materials, so I was never at a loss for where to look. The essay topics are fun - I found myself going down many research rabbit holes. Both the Facebook group and Susan (the instructor) are wonderful resources if you do get stuck. This course will give you a great foundation for understanding Canine Nutrition, and I recommend it if you are considering enrolling."

- Stella Moore, Cert.CN

Graduate, Certificate in Canine Nutrition


"I researched many educational options when looking to further my knowledge in canine behaviour and all my searching stopped when I came across CASI. I could tell from the instructors credentials and course content that this was the place I wanted my diploma from. And what an institute it is! Its content is based in science with no fad or coercive techniques, the assignments allow for a clear understanding, and if there is any confusion along the way, there is a wonderful community of students, graduates, and instructors to help you out. Finishing this diploma I feel I have gained so much, not just an understanding of behavioral terms but also a membership in a wonderful scientific community and a clear view point on canine training and working with behaviour problems. To any one looking for a comprehensive program in animal behaviour or a behaviour consultant/technologist I highly recommend you look no further than the CASI and AABP." 

- Jayden Mayville, DipCBST, 

Graduate, Diploma of Canine Behavior Science and Technology

Animal Antics Behaviour Centre

Ontario, Canada 


"I am a recent graduate of the Canine Behavior Science and Technology program, and can honestly say it has had the most profound effect on me as a technologist/behaviorist in a career covering many years and areas of canine work, including training, behavior, handling, and breeding. Before taking the program, I often wondered how a discussion with other trainers/behaviorists could result in so many different approaches, and often confused interpretations of what should be areas that we all could address without influence of personal biases, approaches, or haphazard protocols—the medical model paradigm I discovered. I have used and studied James O’Heare’s masterful book “Aggressive Behavior in Dogs” for years, but realized I had the answer to that question in my hand! The natural science of behavior; the systematic and principled method of assessing and training the laws and principles of behavior. And so I ventured back into academia, by enrolling in this fantastic curriculum. This is a comprehensive and challenging course covering a spectrum not found elsewhere. I have admired James O’Heare and his work for many years, and having access (timely and personal, I might add) was worth the tuition all by itself!! Be prepared to work hard, be prepared to learn a tremendous amount, be prepared to understand behavior at a whole different level. This is not a “multiple choice,” “fill in the blanks” course; you will need to analyze lots of data, and respond to in essay form to important issues in a clear, concise, and relevant manner. Hard work with enormous dividends! I cannot recommend this entire experience strongly enough!!"

- Bill Weiler Dip.CBST, CPDT-KA


Paws N’ Effect LLC

"I recently completed the CBST program and couldn’t be happier with the skills and knowledge I have gained. This is far more than just a how-to program about training dogs. It is an in-depth study of behavior, why behavior occurs, and how to control it. The quality of the program became incredibly evident to me as I greatly excelled in my career with dogs, even as I was still working through the courses, receiving compliments from my coworkers and accolades from my managers. I highly recommend the CBST program to anyone wanting to become a true behavior professional and expert in dog behavior. The one on one support and coaching James provides are valuable beyond expression, and I simply can’t speak highly enough about how great the entire experience has been for me, and about how thankful I am to have gained the education, experience, and skills that I have received through the CBST program. I can honestly say that this has been the most excellent educational experience I have ever had."

- Mark A. Bopp, Dip.CBST



“Researching online for programs that would provide education in animal behaviorism was frustrating until I found the CASI website. The emphasis there on non-aversive methods was exactly what I was looking for. Further, four different animal species (dogs, cats, horses, and parrots) are offered for a student to specifically focus on. The program is intense, yet support is provided so that every student may achieve their potential. Questions are answered promptly and the CASI classroom opens another avenue for support. The unbending scientific focus of the material stretched my view of everyday language, which means I grew in unexpected ways through the program. Students also gain an invaluable education regarding steps to follow when providing consultation with a guardian and their companion animal, as well as pitfalls to avoid. Although commitment is a requirement for this program, the diploma gained is worth every minute. CASI stands for quality and I am excited to now be a graduate with a Diploma in Animal Behavior Science and Technology!”

- Jacqueline George, Dip.ABST



“Taking on the diploma CBST I was both very excited but also very nervous as I haven’t done any formal study of this calibre in a long while. I was also concerned about how I would manage doing it online from the other side of the world. As it turned out I need not have worried, as whilst being quite technical and introducing a lot of new terminology, it is all done in a systematic way which gives you a good foundation in the beginning with which to proceed. I never once felt that distance was an issue or that I was doing it on my own, as both James and all other students were there very promptly whenever I needed some clarification or just a bit of a confidence boost. The study certainly was challenging and really tested the old brain cells, but I always felt supported and knew that someone would be able to guide me and explain issues in a manner that I would understand. Because it was so challenging and I had to work hard at it, I now feel a real sense of achievement having completed it. Many thanks to James and all the class, I wish you all well.”

- Bernie Gomez


"I completed and highly recommend the Diploma in Canine Behavior Sciences and Technology. I had heard mention of CASI by other trainers whom I greatly respect. After some deliberation, and not knowing what to expect, I took the plunge and signed up for the course. I'm so glad I did! I found the course to be challenging, fascinating and well-conceived. Each assignment builds on the last and sets the student up to succeed. Mid-way through the course, my own behavior changed and I started to see the fruits of my labor in my own business. Grateful for the experience and highly recommend to other practitioners."

- Tessa Romita-Herron, DipCBST, CPDT-KA, ADT with the IAABC, CCUI with Leslie McDevitt, LLA Certificate

"I decided to enroll in CASI after considering a number of other animal behavior programs. I believed CASI offered the most comprehensive list of topics germane to my area of interest (and did so at a great monetary value). Now that I have completed my program I feel more than ever that I made the right choice and believe my experience far exceeded my initial expectations. The instruction I received provided me with a firm foundation in the fundamental principles of behavior. The course materials and assignments not only challenged me to develop a rigorous comprehension of behavior theory but the work also required a thorough understanding of their application in companion animal training. I liked the fact that I could specialize in canine behavior and draw from and add to my own experience working with dogs. There are many other benefits CASI offers that I enjoyed. For example the ability to self-pace meant I could structure my study time around my work and family obligations without conflict. I also derived a great deal of help and support from the CASI online classroom and I continue to appreciate the camaraderie and assistance that is available in this forum. The greatest profit my participation in CASI has given me, though, is my confidence that the skills I have acquired can be used to help others and promote the welfare of companion animals. CASI not only has high standards for academic conduct but insists on the highest standards of ethical conduct. CASI students and graduates are expected to behave professionally in the best sense of the word."

- Louise Hartman, Dip.CDST


Northstar Dog Training and Canine Behavior Consulting

"I have been in the dog show world my whole life, (56 years) I have always focused on health, wellbeing and longevity in my animals. It something I am extremely passionate about, my show dogs need to be in top condition and I also do rescue work (dogs and Horses) majority of rescues come in very poor shape. Previously my knowledge had come from the many years of owning, breeding and rescuing dogs. I was often asked for advice. I decided to look for a canine nutrition course to give me some credibility and add to the knowledge I already had. An extensive search on the internet lead me to Companion Animal Science Institute – Canine nutrition course. The course had everything I was looking for and more. I signed up for the course and I loved it, it has given me so much more knowledge. A huge thank you to James and Susan for this course. I highly recommend the course to anyone who is committed to canine nutrition. I cannot wait to do the advance certificate in canine nutrition."

- Sherel Money, Cert.CN


"I have completed a Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Science Technology with CASI and have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone seeking a well organized, comprehensive and scientifically based education in animal behavior and learning.  The emphasis is on providing reliable information, based on the scientific principles of learning and behavior.  It is also a a very humane-based course, and I was extremely impressed with the ethics unit I completed - something all professionals and individuals should find thought provoking and relevant.  I searched for over 6 months to find a place to study before choosing CASI.  During my initial searching, I was impressed with the transparency of the course content prior to enrolling and the approachability of James O'Heare with all my initial questions.  Few of the other institutes I investigated were so forthcoming in this regard. This approachability and prompt, friendly response continued throughout the duration of the course.  CASI came highly recommended to me by others, and these recommendations were in no way misplaced. Once starting the course, it exceeded my expectations.  It is challenging and yet accessible to most people.  The concepts taught will enable the student to approach training and behavioral modification goals in a systematic way.  The classroom was a great forum for asking questions and learning, and all my questions were answered quickly - distance was not a problem.  Learning from the questions that other students asked was also beneficial.  I was fortunate enough to meet a fellow CASI student, doing the same course at the same time, who lived 5 minutes away from me!  This made the experience even more positive for me, as we became actual study partners and caught up regularly to talk about all things CASI and think up questions we could ask the classroom and James.  I simply cannot speak highly enough of the course, it's structure, the content and the professional, yet friendly and approachable way James O'Heare responds to his students.   I am already considering which course I will enroll in next.  A sincere thank you to James for having the foresight and passion to provide such an in-depth, ethical and scientifically based programme."

- Sonya Bevan B.Sc. (Physio), Dip.CBST


"Dog Charming"

"Becoming a student at CASI was one of the best decisions I have made. The caliber of the instruction went far beyond my expectations, and the attention I received as a student was extraordinary to me. I remember when I first started the program, I had explained to a friend of mine that when I asked a question, it seemed my instructor was sitting beside me because I would often get answers within a half an hour. And the answers I received were detailed and so helpful. James O'Heare (my instructor) pays such attention to detail.  It is important to him that his students understand the material presented, and he gives exceptional instruction to ensure that will happen.  Still, what stood out most for me (and what I am most grateful for) was the depth of the education I received at CASI and also the training philosophy that permeates everything in the studies.  The latest solid, scientifically based learning theory is presented, and that is paired with a non-aversive reward-based system for teaching animals with compassion and love. I could not have asked more from my instructor or the college. It is, indeed, an honor for me to be a graduate of The Companion Animal Sciences Institute and to have had an opportunity to have James as my instructor."

- Elisa, BA, Dip.DTBC
Kennel Manager
Coordinator/Trainer BEST 
Behavior Enrichment Socialization and Training 

"Thank you for the opportunity to feel good about myself in the way of learning. I haven’t been in school for over 30 years and I was really nervous to take this course. When the 9lb text book arrived, I thought “oh boy what have I got myself into”  As is turns out I loved every bit of the Canine Nutrition course and I surprised myself with how well I did and how good I felt doing it. Susan is a great teacher with lots of patients. I look forward to challenging myself with the Advanced level very soon.”

- Donna Middleton

Certificate of Canine Nutrition Graduate

"I signed up for my course of study with CASI because I wanted a way to formalize my studies in dog training and behavior consulting, and to gain a solid grounding in behavioral science that was specifically focused on dogs. I was looking for a distance course that would be flexible enough to allow me to pursue my interests, and structured enough to stretch me in areas where I knew I needed to learn more. My studies with CASI did serve that purpose, and I am glad that I persevered through the often challenging and always interesting study modules. I particularly appreciated the knowledge and responsiveness of my instructors, and the support of  other students that made the virtual Classroom a valuable resource. The Institute is a dynamic entity that continues to grow as the field of dog training and behavior matures and expands. I believe I am a better practitioner because of my studies with CASI, and recommend it to others who are seeking an affordable, convenient way to enhance their behavioral knowledge base."

- Caroline Spark, Ph.D. Dip.ACBS

Portland, OR

"My educational experience at CASI has been a wonderful journey towards understanding and learning about canine behavior. The knowledge I’ve gained while an on-line student of the Diploma of Behavior Modification program can be compared to an on campus education at a top ranking University. I really enjoyed the Classroom format where all the students discuss assignment related topics and training and behavior modification challenges they encounter. Even after graduation, I get to stay in the Classroom and be a part of this wonderful community of professionals. I would recommend this school to anybody who wants to gain up-to-date knowledge and experience in an animal related industry while having a great time. I am definitely going to take another course with CASI since there is such a broad range of classes available."

- Anna Lindahl, Ed.M., Dip.Beh.Mod., CPDT
San Diego Humane Society
Behavior and Training Department

"My experience at CASI has been far above and beyond what I imagined. I spent one full year searching online for schools offering curriculums to advance my learning of dog behavior, and was very hesitant to trust what was offered out there. Then I came across CASI, and I'm so thankful I did.  The courses offer a quality education and challenging work. The classroom environment is positive and helpful. There are wonderful academic discussions, and the information provided in the classroom is sound information that can be trusted.  The instructors are very accessible, and go beyond helpful. I couldn't ask for anything more in an online education!"

- Cynthia Chelsea Koslow

“Before I started with CASI Institute, I already had a diploma of dog training and a partial course in animal behaviour. I wanted to add the remaining knowledge to my education so that I could become a dog behaviour consultant but I kept running into the same problem everywhere I looked. I had a feeling that I would not get the full value for my money. Finally, and fortunately, I found CASI. From the moment I started I had no doubt that this was what I was looking for. I have now finished the Diploma of Dog Training and Behavior Consulting program and I still feel that I got the full value for my money and that it was all worth the effort.

CASI provides you with the latest scientific knowledge within the behavioural field and you can always ask any question you like and get an answer very quickly. James O’Heare is a very knowledgeable person and you can always be sure that the information he provides is thoroughly examined and scientifically well founded.

The CASI classroom is a marvellous place for discussion, inspiration, support, and exchange of experience and I am pleased that I have the possibility to stay in this group as I know that I shall never finish learning.”

- Ann L. Jeppesen, Dip.DTBC



"Looking to develop a career in the cat behavior industry, I am glad to have found the Dip.FBST here! The program content is so enlightening and opens up a totally new world to my understanding of animal behavior. The assignments were tough at times, but it was at an appropriately challenging level that encouraged my thinking. James' constructive comments also helped a lot to my study and understanding of the materials. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to understand cat behavior without hesitation!"

- Jack HUI, Dip.FBST


"James, thank you for all of your help and feedback on my assignments throughout the Diploma program. I enjoyed each course very much; in fact it was far more stimulating than my master’s degree assignments in 2001. Having been involved in the dog training business for ten years and having read almost every book available on learning theory and dog training I was impressed with the quality and challenge of each unit. The assignments and course notes provided were great. It is obvious that much thought and organization has gone into developing the program; it is well rounded, relevant and absolutely pertinent to anyone wishing to become a professional and competent companion animal trainer."

- Niki Tudge, Dip.ABT, CDT 

Founder, DogSmith Franchise Services Inc.

Founder, Pet Professionals Guild

CPDT, E-Nadoi, CBC

Pet Care Services CPCT, CAPCT

AKC “CGC” Evaluator

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"The Dog Aggression Workbook by James O'Heare was recommended to me by staff at an animal shelter to help with a dog I was fostering.  That book started my admiration for James O'Heare. Several years later, I am so happy that I chose CASI to further my understanding of dog behavior and training. The Dog Training Science and Technology Diploma Program was challenging in a very satisfying way. The coursework treats you like an intelligent adult who is capable of problem solving and rewards you with layers of information that really make a difference. I started noticing my worldview included the theories and principles I was learning about as a direct result of the type of studious reading and writing that I was doing. The classroom forum was also a priceless resource - just being able to read what the other students were saying on a subject clarified most questions I had.  I feel very prepared to put my knowledge to good use and am motivated to continue studying and learning. This was a great experience!"

- Linda R. Nico, Dip.PDTST

"I am very happy that I chose to do the nutrition training at CASI. The training is incredibly scientific, it is a basis that really shouldn't be missed when you want to get started with dog nutrition. There is a very nice facebook group with fellow students where you can always go if you have questions. 
The teacher is also very easy to reach and helpful. It was an intense year, but when you regularly take the time, that time is certainly sufficient to hand in your assignments. In the beginning it was a bit overwhelming, because you see all the questions you have to answer throughout the year, but you quickly find your way through and it is very motivating to see that each time you can cross off a chapter."

- Kelly Cogen, Cert.CN

"The week I spent as a Guest Speaker in the CASI Classroom was wonderful. To be able to give input on marketing and advertising one's dog training business to students who were so clearly enthusiastic and focused about what they do was a pleasure. I'm sure the success rate of those who go through this program is phenomenal!"

- Nicole Wilde
Gentle Guidance Dog Training 
Author of So You Want to be a Dog Trainer and One on One A Dog Trainer's Guide to private Training
-since hired as an Advisory Board member

"I thoroughly enjoyed my course of study at CASI. The curriculum is in-depth and science-based, and the faculty and students create a positive and supportive learning environment. CASI offers a high quality learning opportunity for serious students."

- Laurel Scarioni, CPDT


Pawsitive Results Critter Academy, LLC

"There is a great need for quality education for dog trainers, and CASI is there to provide it. Continuing education encourages trainers to become a community of learners and to share their knowledge." 

- Deborah Jones, Ph.D.
Kent State University Stark Campus
Planet Canine / Akron OH

"For me, this program (CBST) was exactly what I had always been looking for. Not only does it provide a deep dive into the basic principles of behavior and how we are all affected by it in our daily lives or why we behave the way we do, but by understanding and applying these principles, it also provides the perfect foundation for effective and reinforcement-based dog training: it works, and you also know why it works or why some things just don't work. For me, it was also an important realization that the unfortunately often common application of standard procedures, e.g., for so-called problematic behaviors, is usually not the key to success and that here an accurate functional assessment is essential as a basis for the elaboration of a contingency management plan in order to achieve long-term behavior change for the benefit of the dog. Although there is much to study, the course structure ensures that the pace and design are appropriate and you always receive timely feedback that encourages you to continue. Many thanks to James and his team for this great opportunity."

- Ulrike Daexl, Dip.CBST

Munich, Germany


"I registered for the CASI nutrition course because I own a retail store that is focused on educating pet owners on how to properly feed their pets using as much real food as possible.  This course was extremely helpful in giving me the confidence I needed to speak on topics related to canine nutrition.  The course was very well laid out and organized and the communication was fantastic.  I would highly recommend for anyone who is wanting to really learn about their dog’s physiology and the nutrients that it requires."

-Anthony Santilli, Cert.CN Graduate

-Fangs & Fur (Columbus, Ohio)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the completing Dip.CBST. The support I received when I needed help was fantastic, I was never made to feel stupid. The thing I loved most about the course, however, was the science based approach to dog training and behaviour.It made my learning experience much easier as I could understand the 'why' and 'how' everything worked the way in which it did."

- Kelly Brown, Dip.CBST


"I have so, so thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from the coursework at CASI! I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough. The quality of the information, the support given by the other students and by James O'Heare himself, at-your-own-pace environment...these things and many others make the expenditure of both time and money ABSOLUTELY, unquestionably worthwhile. You should definitely enroll in one of the programs. It's one of the best things I've done for my career thus far!"

- Molly Stone-Elmore, Dip.A.B., CDBC, CC/SF-SPCA
Staff Behaviorist, SPCA of Wake County, Garner NC
Owner/Director: Communica-nine Motivational Dog Training Services, Raleigh NC
National Training Director: Helping Paws Pet Assisted Therapy, (North Carolina)
Coordinating Committee Member: Applied Companion Animal Behavior Network
-since employed as Advisory Board member, instructor and now Vice President of The Companion Animal Sciences Institute


“I searched long and hard for a credible course in Canine Nutrition so that I may be of better service to my clients. Having read a lot of James O’Heare’s books, I knew he stood for science based knowledge and has a high regard for ethics. It was thus not a difficult choice to make to enroll in his Institute. Both James and Susan Dillion, the course instructor, were always helpful and responded very quickly to any questions. With there being so many conflicting views on nutrition out there it was good to learn what the real facts are. This course is packed with valuable and unbiased information. I am proud to say that I am a CASI Nutrition Graduate, and highly recommend CASI to anyone seeking a challenging, in depth and unbiased approach to nutrition. Thank you James for establishing the Companion Animal Sciences Institute so that others may benefit from you and your faculty’s knowledge !!”

- Claire Grobbelaar Cert.CN

Graduate, Certificate in Canine Nutrition

Canine Concepts® Behaviour & Training cc.

"CASI provides a great quality advanced academic education for anyone who owns dogs, who works with or plans to work with dogs. When I signed up I was amazed at the quality of the reading material and assignments. I learned more than I ever imagined I would. The students continuously demonstrate their support and compassion for each other while James O’Heare is extremely dedicated to each student’s success. The knowledge I gained helped me to build a very successful daycare facility. I am now honoured to be a member of the faculty at CASI, where I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences and to help students with their academic growth and career development."

- Vernessa Wysocki, Dip.D.D.
Companion Animal Sciences Institute Diploma of Dog Daycare Graduate
K9 to 5
Doggie Daycare, Nightcare
Grooming & Training

“I found everything and everyone very interesting and informative. … James is a very knowledgeable and patient person. Without his continued support and guidance I would have been lost. … I had a wonderful time. I was impressed with the level of professionalism that came from this school. Thanks you for such a rewarding experience.” 

 - Karen Kennedy Dip.C.B., Graduate

"I am officially finished with the DipCBST course! It has been a wonderful experience and a great course. As a scientist, I truly appreciate the scientific basis for the course and the teaching of fundamental principles instead of just teaching methods or fad techniques. Because of the focus on the fundamental principles I've been able to adapt the ideas from the canine course in training of my young horse. Though there are obvious species differences between canines and equines, the basics are still the same. Prince Harry is a 4 year old draft cross that had some serious issues with impulse control, to the point where a year ago he could not even be safely led from the ground. Just this month I had my very first ride on him, bareback and with nothing more than a halter/reins. He now leads and ties safely and loves his training sessions. Of course I've been working with my dogs as well throughout the course and my 1 year old pit bull puppy is coming along nicely and is growing into a beautiful, well-mannered girl."

- Amanda C. PhD, DipCBST


"I am already amazed at all the helpful information to be found here, as well as the friendly people who are willing to share it.  Looks like we've come to the right place"

- Doris Herber

"I am proud to have graduated from CASI.  Without a doubt, the education I received here was essential in my practice as a dog obedience trainer and behavior consultant.  I am grateful to James O'Heare and everyone at the Institute who guided me in my studies. Dog behavior is an exciting and rewarding field, but one which requires continued education."

- Renee Premaza, Dip.C.B., C.C.B.T.
Dog Obedience Trainer
Radio Talk Show Host


"I just completed the CASI Canine Fitness certificate and am thoroughly impressed by the quality, information provided, feedback from instructor, and science based depth of the course.  I am certified and run a canine water therapy business in Nevada and this course gave me the ‘extra’ I was looking for to further help my sporting and competitive swimmers.  Understanding the dog’s individual sports and how they train their bodies to perform in peak condition helps me to fine tune their water program to be All they can be.  Many thanks to the team at CASI."

Kathy Carr Cert.CF

Canine Bodywork & Aquatics

“To me, getting some education in canine nutrition was important. I see nutrition as the first step towards success, and it was only logical for me to get this right before I look into anything else, that potentially could be ruined by a poor diet. I looked for courses without a bias and who I felt saw the individual and not just the species, and was left with a handful (three to be exact) that I could attend from where I live. I narrowed it down, based on what they contained, research used and teachers' knowledge, and I ended up with CASI. I am happy I made that choice, CASI has been like a blessing to me. There has never been a day where I felt there was nothing to research or read about, and personally, I love that feeling. Even after the course, I still have a lot to read, and re-read, and I still feel there are more pieces to put together once I find them. Susan has been my teacher, and I cannot praise her enough. She's been a wonderful person to have going through this work, and I am now left with a certificate and the knowledge to help dog owners give their dog the best individual plan possible. I hope to get back for the advanced course later on.” 

- Margrete Hay, Cert. CN



"If you are looking to understand the fundamentals of learning, CASI is the place for you! I completed the Animal Behaviour Sciences and Technology program with a focus on dog and cat behaviour and I found the course immensely helpful in solidifying my knowledge of learning theory. Although the coursework is challenging at times, the challenge of it really allowed for the knowledge to sink in and provide me with a very solid grasp of the concepts taught. Answering the unit questions ensured that I was interpreting the information correctly and if there was ever a hiccup in my interpretation, the course facilitator was quick to provide helpful feedback and allow for resubmissions. I have in the past completed other courses in animal behaviour but found this one to be the most thorough in its teachings. The course is definitely at a higher education level, the vocabulary, and expectations on par with a university course however that only left me feeling even more accomplished upon completion. Take the course! You won't regret it!"

- Alissa Nenoff, Dip.ABST


"I was a full-time professional dog trainer before I joined CASI and had worried that, because I’d already had experience in the field, I wouldn’t find it sufficiently intellectually challenging – how wrong-headed that was!  As a student, I am astounded by the breadth of material I’ve covered thus far in the Advanced Canine Behavioral Sciences diploma program and I cannot wait to tackle the classes that are yet to come.  While assignments and classes are certainly academically rigorous, I have never found them overwhelming.  This is due to your superior teaching, coaching and mentoring, the supportive and thoughtful network of students and faculty in the Classroom, and the discussions brought about by expert authors/professionals you’ve brought in as guest speakers.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn as much as I have.  I am very proud to be a student of CASI!"

Colleen A. Falconer
Certified Trainer and Behavior Counselor (SF/SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers)
Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CCPDT)

"I found the Dip.ABST to be really in-depth, interesting and enjoyable. Although the content could be challenging at times, it was sent through in small achievable sections which ensured I was set up for success the whole way through. I will be able to use the knowledge I have gained and apply it to my work and to my everyday life. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to expand their knowledge base and skill set in working with companion animals."

- Claudia Paterson, Dip.ABST

"When I started at CASI, I was already teaching dog training classes and doing in-home canine behavioral counseling sessions, but I wanted to learn more.  Since beginning my studies here I have found that the information that I learned before was a valuable stepping stone for the in-depth look at canine behavior that I am getting now.  I would recommend CASI to anyone who wants a career in dog training--even those that are already in the field."

- Sarah Grimm
APDT Professional member
IADBC Associate member
NADOI Provisional member

“I enrolled in the dog nutrition course in hopes of making sense out of all the conflicting information out there regarding the multitude of feeding practices and philosophies, and to further my knowledge in general. This being my first experience in distance learning, I didn’t know quite what to expect. Thankfully, I can now say that the material, my instructor (Susan Dillon), and college as a whole have far exceeded my expectations. The course was very well conceived, James and Susan were always helpful and accessible to answer questions, and the virtual classroom format provided a great way to interact with the other students for advice, feedback, etc. I will definitely be taking the next nutrition course, and perhaps a few others in the future. I give CASI two thumbs and four paws way up.” 

 - Melanie Monteiro
Graduate, Canine Nutrition

"Nothing compares to obtaining solid, scientifically provable information such as what is offered in nutrition courses.  The step-by-step process of presenting basic than complex nutritional information and weaving it into the requirements of dogs at all stages of life and activity provides a solid foundation for canine nutrition. Looking back at the manner in which the subject material was presented provides a fluid understanding of dogs and what they need nutritionally to meet their energy and nutrient requirements. The expert guidance of the instructor, Susan Dillon, and her unwavering commitment to offering support is unmatched anywhere else. It has been a challenging and rewarding experience and one I highly recommend to others."

- Teri Laylon

Graduate, Advanced Canine Nutritional Sciences



"A comprehensive and truly science-based program that I would not hesitate to recommend. I was looking to further my knowledge in the natural science of behaviour, especially in regard to training and solving problem behaviours in parrots. The Parrot Behavior Science and Technology diploma was exactly what I was hoping for, and more--it far exceeded my expectations. I hadn't studied for quite a while, so I was a little apprehensive about signing up; however, although it was a lot of work requiring accuracy and attention to detail, I gained so much that I decided to carry on and also study for the Advanced Graduate Track. My tutors, James O'Heare and Debbie Foster provided valuable feedback throughout, and any questions posted on the CASI forum were answered promptly. It was a wonderful experience, and I am proud to be a CASI graduate."

Roz Paterson Dip. PBST


Jersey, Channel Islands

"Completing CASI's course in Canine Nutrition has given me invaluable tools to better care for my dogs, both present and future, which is exactly what I hoped for when I enrolled. The course has further fuelled my interest in the subject and lead me to do further research on my own.  It has also taught me how to sift through the sea of information available to us today and separate fact from fiction. The helpful and dedicated faculty and the wealth of knowledge and assistance available at any time through the virtual classroom made learning both efficient and enjoyable. Thank you CASI!"

- Tiina Ollanketo




"For anyone looking to take their understanding and application of animal behaviour, or behaviour management techniques to another level, I cannot recommend this course enough. Although the materials at times can be challenging, and the course itself requires considerable reading, reviewing, and re-reading of the materials, the skillset you acquire as a result of completing the course is invaluable. I started this course with what I considered a solid foundation of animal behaviour based on years of research and first-hand experience working with animals, but after completing this course, I can honestly say my skillset has improved considerably, and I now have a solid, scientifically-based approach to working with my clients and their pets."

- Alexandria Towers, Dip.ABST

Graduate, Animal Behavior Science and technology

Wales, UK

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at CASI. The Cert CN and Cert. ACN programs were exceptional. Susan is a wonderful instructor and her feedback has been beyond helpful. The course work provided by these programs are something I will keep referring back to. It is by far one of the best investments I have made. I'm so excited for the new courses coming to CASI. I plan to enroll in the upcoming nutrition programs as soon as they become available."

- Savannah Welna, Cert.CN, Cert.ACN
Graduate, Canine Nutrition and Advanced Canine Nutrition

"Thanks so much, the course was an absolute blast. I've actually worked with another online school, and so have a little bit of experience with the format of such schools. CASI, however, has proven head and shoulders above the competition in every area. The written materials you provide are in-depth, well-written, well-researched, and far more advanced than I expected, communication with both instructors and other students through the online Class is open and informative, and my interactions with Susan, my instructor, have been stellar. I can't wait to continue my studies with you folks!"

- Jennifer Blood


"The program for Dip.CBST was challenging and lengthy, however it was worth every bit of time and effort I put in because a program of this difficulty is what is necessary to achieve a thorough understanding and skill development in the science of canine behavior. The courses were well structured, very comprehensive, and based on the most updated scientific research. The professor is also very helpful and lightning quick to respond to any questions I had. Thank you CASI!"

- Deng Zhou (James) Jiang, Dip.CBST (Aggressive Behavior Specialization)

New Westminster, BC, Canada

"The Canine Nutrition course exceeded my expectations.  The assignments and essays provided a structure to do a deep dive into nutrition.  I’ve come away with a solid understanding on what dogs need to thrive, be healthy and well nourished. Susan was a fantastic instructor.  I deeply appreciated the feedback she gave on my written assignments. I highly recommend this course for anyone that wants to get a formal education on canine nutrition."


- Hannah Zulueta Cert. CN


Daily Dog Food Recipes 

"I'm proud to be a graduate of CASI! The courses are challenging, thus making much better professionals out of us. Both students and graduates are encouraged to keep up to date with the latest scientific evidence in the study of behavior, which is crucial in a profession where anyone can call themselves specialists and professionals. The online classroom provides a very friendly and supportive environment. I highly recommend CASI!"

- Alexandra Santos, PDT

Dip. ACP, Dip. ADT

CASI graduate

AABP Professional Member # 038

"Two years into my three year Diploma, I am already looking to see what CASI course will follow this one. The educational content of the Diploma in Dog Training and Behavior Consulting is challenging, the knowledge gained hugely beneficial and the support of faculty and fellow students the best I have experienced.  The online classroom discussions are kept stress free, which totally compliments the intent of CASI’s Mission Statement to “…help students work toward the highest level of professional competence”. 

I will continue to recommend CASI to anyone with a serious intention to learn more about dog training and behaviour consulting."

- Debra Millikan, PDT, Cert IV Dog Behavioural Training

Dip DTBC student

"I had been studying dog behaviour and training for several years informally before I undertook study with CASI. I have always been an avid reader, but as my interest and knowledge in dog behaviour and training grew I began t find myself giving advice to people about their dogs behaviour. I felt I needed a way to measure my understanding and ability as a trainer. Studying with CASI gave me just that. It gave me the chance to consolidate all the knowledge I had gained over the years and added to it. While the essays were tough at times, the teachers were never anything other than wonderfully supportive, and I appreciate then standard to which students are held. If every person who thinks they are knowledgeable enough to give advice about dog training and behaviour did just one course with CASI, the world for dogs would be a much better place."

- Peta Clarke

Animal Training Solutions


"I have worked in the Animal Industry for 20 years and was looking for a course to improve my knowledge of canine movement. After lots of researchI chose the CASI CertCF course and I never had any regrets. The knowledgeI have gained will help me every day in my business, and showed me how very little I actually knew about structure and movement of dogs!  The units of study were relevant, challenging, fun and motivating.  Susan was always quick to get back to me (from the other side of the world!) and In ever felt like I couldn't get help. I also feel like the course has provided me with so many great resources, my reading list is now massive -I look forward to continuing to learn.  A huge thank you for a wonderful course."

- Suzi Drake

theraPETics canine massage & mobility

DipVN, CertCMT, CertCF 

DipMan, Cert4TAE

"In April of 2014, I completed my Diploma of Canine Behaviour Science and Technology, Dip. CBST. For a long time, I wanted to find a course of study to compliment my own values, was founded on sound ethics and underpinned by rigorous, evidence based approach. The CASI course provided me with many things, but the most important to me was the discipline of ‘Behaviourology’ and its grounding in science with links to practical, real life applications. The combination of theory and practice is a framework that will underpin my work with dogs forever. Without this theory, I cannot see how I could be an effective and successful trainer/behaviourist. As an urban planner, my focus is to develop ways to integrate companion animals into the urban environment. For me, dog behaviour is a key element to this process and something that I have wanted to incorporate into my work for some time.

The course is challenging, however, what you get back in terms of knowledge is well worth it. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining a solid appreciation of canine behaviour, that is, how dogs learn, how to assess their behaviour and how to modify their behaviour. I was very impressed with the high level of organisation and communication offered by James O’Heare. James would return assignments with useful comments within 2-3 weeks and always responded to queries promptly. I believe this course represents excellent value for money, is challenging with an exciting curriculum, offers sound theory combined with practical workshops incorporating strong ethical beliefs based on least intrusive effective behaviour interventions. I would like to extend a big thank you to CASI, to James and to all the support from other students via the online classroom. My journey with CASI will continue.

- Fiona De Rosa

Founder & Principal, Balancing Act Adelaide | people + pets + planning

Master, Environmental Studies

Bachelor, Town Planning (Honours)

Diploma, Canine Behaviour Science & Technology (Dip. CBST)

"I enrolled for the nutrition and fitness courses so as to take better care of my dogs, especially in the area of nutrition as one of my dogs had IBS. Not too long ago, I’ve started showing one of my toy poodles and have been learning from seasoned handlers. CASI’s fitness modules have provided a very good academic background for me to understand movements, and most importantly – my dog. Thank you, CASI!"

- Mulyaty Liang


"This is a high quality, science based course that has given me such a wonderful educational experience. It has relevant and up-to-date content material using positive reinforcement based methods, of which I am so passionate about. I found the course refreshing, exciting, challenging and so much fun!  James and his staff are approachable and always there to help and so too are the members of the online discussion group; creating a friendly and supportive learning environment. I can’t recommend this course highly enough!  It really is essential for anyone working with animals.  I have loved every minute of it!"

- Eve McKenzie, Dip.CBST, Dip.FBST




"While I was looking around for different programs here in Switzerland and southern Germany, I was impressed by the lack of professional quality theoretical offers locally. And if the scientific theory is not presented in a thorough manner, upon what does one base the practical application with clients and their dogs? The CERT.CBST offered me a very thorough foundation for my own plans of doing individual training and behavioral consultations after my retirement. With the help of a couple of excellent local mentors (who unfortunately do NOT offer certification) who themselves are very up on the science involved in both, I feel that CASI has fulfilled my expectations and more. It was an extreme challenge to me and there is still much that'll have to sink further in and gestate, but I do think this was a great experience for me, and am thankful to James, who did have to show his depth of support ad patience with me. Thanks James"

- Leonard "Buzz" Cecil, CTDI* Cert.CBST


Auf den Hund Gekommen

*Certified Trick Dog Instructor

**Certificate: Canine Behavior Science and Technology

"I was looking for a program or certification in the German speaking countries to gain more knowledge about dog training and/or behavior change programming for a long time and could not find one that met my requirements of providing strictly science-based education (empirically tested, animal friendly, positive reinforcement-based methods and principles). I found this in the programs and it beat my expectations. Especially the support for students and graduates (e.g., in class) is far better than what I was used to from the University of Vienna, the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the J. Gutenberg Universität in Mainz; questions are always welcome and answered promtly!
There are so many situations in training my own dog or group classes or individual training I can use the knowledge gained in the program. The most valuable of all is that CASI further strengthened my conscience in the fact that positive reinforcement based methods produce reliable companion dogs and increased my knowledge in training technologies using them.
Thank you James," 

- Bina Lunzer, Cert.CBST



"I graduated with a Diploma in Animal Behavior Technology. Working toward a pertinent  diploma in my field while continuing my full time work schedule was invaluable. I continued to work and apply my new knowledge which improved my professionalism  while I continued to learn.The coursework and feedback were always  professional, in line with the current science and research, clear and enlightening. On going access to professionals in the field along with a  classroom made up of students from all over the world made CASI a unique learning experience. Being allowed to take the full time allotted for the coursework or work faster gives you freedom as a student to work at your own pace. I loved CASI and highly  recommend it for any serious student in and animal related profession."

- Sheila Heil Ferguson  AHT  DipABT  CPDT-KA

CASI Graduate  Dip. Animal Behavior Technology

Canine Obedience Instruction and Behavior Consulting

"I can't tell you how pleased I've been with the education. When I first began to teach pet dog obedience classes at a local training center, I was struck by the number of people who wanted advice over and beyond how to teach "sit" and "down" - they had dogs who were destructive, or fearful, or anxious - and this was never part of the curriculum. It became important to me to know why a behavior was occurring and how to change it, not just to teach using cookie-cutter methods. I've been able to take the knowledge I've gained here at CASI, put it to practical use, and really make a difference in some people's lives with their dogs. That's a tremendously good feeling. Thank you! " 

- Valerie Casperite, Dip. CBST  Cert. PDTSTA Better Trained Dog, L.L.C.

APDT Member #64611

AKC CGC Evaluator #10680

New Jersey, USA

"I received my diploma for the Canine Behavior Science and Technology program this week and wanted to thank you so much for providing such a reinforcing and instructional course. I spent quite a bit of time researching different distance learning courses and through my research I found that the instruction provided by CASI was not only the most in depth, but also the most widely recognized in the behavior and dog training communities. I truly appreciate the thorough explanation of the principals and techniques employed in a scientific and humane approach to modern canine behavior modification and training. The Dip. CBST course was was both challenging and stimulating. As I started each new section of the course, I realized how much my thirst for knowledge for the subject matter reinforced my desire to spend as much time in the course notes and related materials. I looked forward each day reading the course materials and put into practice the principals set forth in the program as I worked with my own dogs.”

- Ian Hanks, Dip.CBST


"I truly enjoyed the coursework with CASI! It has been a great experience, I had been a graduate of ABC but CASI’s Diploma CBST was a much more in depth program which touched on every aspect from ethics to professionalism to behavior change programming. It was perfect for me since I work as a canine behavior consultant! I was extremely impressed with the care and time that James and Molly took to put into grading each of my assignments."

- Stacy L. Parks, Dip. CBST, ABCDT


"I have been working with dogs in various capacities since 2000 and started my own dog training and pet sitting business in 2007. Even with this experience, I felt the need for more in-depth education regarding canine behavior as well as information regarding effective strategies to enhance my business. When I decided to further my education, I looked for a respected program which was rigorous and which offered more than "just the basics."  I researched the credentials of authors whose works regarding animal behavior I admired and found a large number of them were either CASI graduates or affiliated with CASI in some way. Upon further investigation, I found the  Canine Behavior Science and Technology program offered through CASI provided the scientifically sound, advanced curriculum I was seeking. It also met my other criteria: studies could proceed at my own pace, it was accessible no matter where I was located, and the cost was not prohibitive. Once I discovered the policies of the Institute were in line with my philosophy of effective behavior modification through positive reinforcement and minimally intrusive methods, my decision was made. I am proud to have graduated with my Diploma in Canine Behavior Science and Technology and highly recommend this program and CASI to anyone who is serious about gaining comprehensive knowledge regarding canine behavior."

- Jan Casey, MS, Dip.CBST


"I have just completed the Diploma in Canine behaviour, science and technology and have loved every moment of it. I have learnt a huge amount through working on this course and because of what I have learnt, I have become more and more compassionate with regards to how we interact with our animals. I enjoyed the entire studying experience and I was able to work within the deadline and keep motivated, plus James was awesome with his responses to questions asked in the classroom so this was a bonus.  I hope to do another course through CASI in the near future. I am so pleased to have found CASI and I am also very proud to be a CASI graduate. Everything about this course is great and I would highly recommend it to anyone contemplating signing up."

- Vikki Pickering, Dip.CBST

New Zealand



"Completing Animal Behavior Technology program gave me such a great educational backbone that will assist me in my further career. I did an extensive research to find a program that will suit my needs, especially since in my country nothing similar exists. CASI provided exactly what I was looking for. I especially enjoyed the atmosphere in the virtual classroom where professionalism and friendliness was felt at every moment. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to bring his or her knowledge to a higher level."

- Jelena Kallay, Croatia

Dip. Animal Behavior Technology (Dip. ABT)

Certified Clicker Trainer (KPA-CTP)

Founder of Vagabond - Positive Animal Communication


"Having spend many years training horses and their riders I decided in my 40's to move across to training dogs and their guardians BUT wanted a qualification to support my new path. After spending a lot of time researching to find the right course I finally found CASI. I cannot begin to describe the wonderful feeling of learning what I have learnt at CASI! I have had so many light bulb moments its been like fireworks! The CASI course has not only answered many questions I had in my mind about training dogs but also about training horses ..... And even people too!! Our companion animals.....or any animal for that matter, can be trained (with long term permanent results!) using only positive reinforcement training. Thank you CASI and James for not only teaching me that but scientifically/behaviourally explaining and proving it too! Don't know why anyone would choose anywhere else to study behaviour and training of our companion animals!"

- Kathleen Kemp, Cert. PDTST

"What an adventure in learning! Being able to recognize and understand my dogs on 'their' level and to have a solid grasp on the 'hows' and 'whys' of dog behavior means being a better dog parent. So many positive aspects to the CASI program, it's hard to know where to start. I now have a huge appreciation (and new perspective) regarding the human-dog/dog-human relationship; dogs having to conform to our way of life and our environment requires our having a better understanding of their needs and their 'ways and styles' of communicating with us, as this is how we help dogs become confident canines in a human world. I see my dogs in a whole new way, now. I observe them, but at an entirely different level. I now have a connection with them that is hard to explain but would be best described as my being able to 'see things from their perspective.’ I would like to add that there is a huge support system to anyone who is considering going through a CASI program. Many graduates with years of experience are still part of the classroom environment and provide amazing feedback. Thank you James O'Heare for being so dedicated toward this topic and for providing education at such a high caliber. I now possess great confidence in helping people with their dog related questions."

-Linda MacGillivray, Dip.CBST

Kelowna, BC

"My education and experience with CASI far exceeded my expectations. The information provided was comprehensive, detailed and progressive, and the work required ensured that I was familiar with all aspects of behavior consulting, from applied behavior analysis to the ethical aspects of counseling to working with challenging clients. CASI taught me how to apply what I learned to all aspects of canine behavior, including shelter work, behavior assessments, and private behavior consulting. It was a privilege to have James as a mentor as he is extremely encouraging and sets his students up for success. I am proud to say I am a graduate, and I always recommend CASI to those looking for a challenging and scientific course of study in canine behavior."

- Sarah Dykes, Hon.B.Kin, Dip DTBC, CDBC

"I decided to do the online Canine Nutrition Certificate program from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute (CASI) based in Canada. Before I enrolled for the program, I had a series of questions for the institution based on my initial ground work about a nutrition program for companion animals from highly ranked universities in the U.S. who have recognized animal science 3 credit course. Apparently, I discovered the certificate course offered by CASI was tailor made to suite two of my specific needs. Firstly, the course syllabus was very detailed that match industry standards and it came at an affordable price. There are three vital body of knowledge used for this program that the pet food manufacturing fraternity or ingredient suppliers refer to on a daily basis. These include the Small Animal Clinical Nutrition Guide, NRC, and the AAFCO regulatory annual release. The entire course drives ones learning and attention to these three texts enhancing knowledge areas focused on life-stage nutrition, digestive anatomy, commercial and home-made diets, and some foundation on regulatory aspects of nutrient values required for growing puppies and in the maintenance of adult and aging dogs. My recommendation would be that aspiring nutritionists could make their own reference manual from each course module as they undergo the program to assist daily aspects of animal care, formulation, and innovation with the ingredient portfolio. A word of caution though! being an online course, the question is how self-motivated are you to read the book of knowledge and explore animal nutrition and love for these incredible animals. I had a deadline to complete the course within a year and went for it dedicating time and efforts writing essays and researching journal articles. Though the approach could be different, I am confident that one could certainly communicate, write or present ideas about animal nutrition to its required depth and fulfilment from this course."

- Natarajan Padmanabhan, Cert.CN

"I have just finished my Dip. PDT and it has been a highly formative and revealing experience where Science and Technique of many years of research, knowledge and experience by the author, unite to give way to a course that provides the principles, strategies and procedures of the Dog Training. 

This course has facilitated me to expand knowledge and skills by providing a sound scientific basis about the principles of behavior on which the techniques and strategies of the training are based, a greater detail of each step beyond the acquisition phase and knowledge of advanced techniques capable of get a complex behavioral results, all from a systematic plan of work, emphasizing the importance of employing strategies of added reinforcement. This training stage has been very important and revealing to me both personally and professionally.". 

-Rosa Roldan, Dip.PDT


"I have just finished the Animal Behavior Science and Technology program (Dip.ABST) and it is a highly recommended program for professionals seeking specialization and excellence, since it requires a high level of study, analysis and specification. I can not be more proud of having taken this decision. In addition to the valuable knowledge of Professor O'Heare, the program provides a broad perspective and an organized and systematic way of working that accompanies us throughout our professional career.

Once you start each course from an analytical and functional point of view, you focus on what is really behavior and what is not, you become disciplined creating a good working method to address each problem, and it is when you start to give the best, understanding at that moment that the effort has been worth it, that you have grown personally and professionally and that you now have a solid base of work to face the criteria in each case that arises in real life.

I really encourage those who are just beginning to move forward and give themselves an opportunity, I thank the classmattes for the support and goodwill at all times and, of course, I thank James for his patience, his advice, his notes and the fact that has encouraged me to continue. I hope to collaborate and contribute my part to this community."

- Rosa Roldan, Dip.ABST, CPDT-KA

"I would not hesitate to recommend CASI to anyone interested in learning about animal training and behavior. I did the Animal Behavior Sciences and Technology diploma (canine, feline, horses, and parrots) with the Aggressive Behavior Specialization course. The courses are extremely detailed, and everything you learn is backed by science. You may have to resubmit your assignments to meet the institution's standards, which allows you to dig deep into every subject and make sure you understood everything correctly before moving on to the next course. You will learn the most efficient training techniques to change behaviors and have to create contingency management plans which help you build confidence in applying what you have learned to real-life situations."

- Marie-Eve Boucher, Dip.ABST (ABS)

"I have always loved dogs. My first job was walking dogs at a local boarding facility. I was drawn to learning more and more about how dogs learn and how they act. I have done many hours of training with my current dog, and it just amplified the desire to learn as much as I can about what makes her tick! I enrolled in the Canine Behaviour Science Technology program and couldn't wait to start. The information in the courses is thorough, well laid out, and easy to follow. James is communicative and knowledgeable and was always prompt in replying to questions. Having now finished the CBST program, I can confidently say I am more knowledgeable about dog behaviour and ready to start my professional journey!"


- Fiona Colquhoun, Dip.CBST

“I just graduated in the Diploma of Canine Behavior Science and Technology. I really enjoyed the content of the courses. Whilst it was challenging at the start, it became a lot easier as the course progressed and when I got used to the terminology.

I have been interested in Canine Behavior for a long time and when I read the book “Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs” by James O’Heare, which I found to be really interesting, I did some research into available courses. I came across CASI and the diploma, so I decided to study again. Self-paced studying made it a lot easier as I have many other commitments. It required self-discipline and focus; nevertheless a clear purpose helped me in reaching my goal. I am very much looking forward to put the knowledge gained into practice and sincerely hope that I can make a difference to the lives of many of our canine friends.”

- Edeltraud Trembath, Dip.CBST


"I was recommended the Canine Nutrition course at CASI, and after recently graduating, I can confidently say I chose the right course. The course provided such sound and unbiased information on all aspects of nutrition and used plenty of scientific evidence. Before starting the course, I was nervous but both James O'Heare and Susan Dillon made themselves known and available for any help required. Their response to emails were very efficient and probably the best I have had for an online course. I definitely would recommend this course if you are looking for a detailed understanding of Canine Nutrition. I may even consider the advanced course in the near future!"

- Daniella Pollifrone, Cert.CN


"I researched several different animal training programs and I chose CASI because I wanted more than just a training program that teaches the basics of animal training. I wanted an in depth look of animal behavior and that is what I received through CASI. The coursework is based on a scientific approach and if you choose, will delve into more than just dog behavior and training. One may also choose to study cat, horse, and parrot behavior and training. The support throughout the programs are excellent as well. Questions are answered quickly and discussions are always welcome. I completed the Animal Behavior Science and Technology program and it took a lot of hard work, but provided me with a better understanding of animal behavior and training, and for that I am grateful."

- Joanna Bess, Dip.ABST

"The Companion Animal Sciences Institute Canine Behaviour Course is one of the best distance learning courses I have ever taken!  This is not an introductory course for the novice to pursue, it is a University level course requiring essay answers and actual hands on workshops. I am an avid learner who has taken distance courses from the University of Guelph as well as many other online studies and the knowledge gained from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute is by far the most comprehensive. The online classroom is a great resource for any questions you may have as you progress through the course.  James O'Heare, the professor is always available to help with any questions and provide guidance along the way. This course has opened so many doors and professional opportunities for me. I can't thank CASI enough. I highly recommend this program for those of you who are open to challenging their current knowledge on behaviour. I guarantee you will not learn this level of knowledge anywhere else."

- Jamie Kerester DipCBST

Graduate of Canine Behaviour Sciences and Technology

Paws for Love Inc. and Paws on the Ranch Canine Enrichment and Training Centre

Ontario, Canada

"This program has been a very special experience for me; it has literally changed my life. I had expected to learn about cats and their behavior, but I ended up learning far more, taking on a whole new viewpoint. It feels like a fog has cleared, and I can now see the things around me (namely, the thousands of “contingencies”) much more clearly than before. I will not lie about how difficult this program has been; it has been as demanding as the most serious university course. If you have a full-time job, you will need to sacrifice your free time to complete the course, but it’s well worth it at the end!"

-Yen Ke, Dip.FBST


"CASI was recommended to me for continuing my education in canine behavior and training and I was not led astray. The curriculum is science based and methodical. The program is challenging but not overwhelming, and James is very supportive and wants to ensure you comprehend the material. I came into the program with an at least basic grasp of most of the material, but am leaving with a solid understanding of the principles covered, including why behavior occurs and how to change it. This program has been very valuable for me and I would recommend the Dip.CBST program to anyone currently working with or who aspires to work with dogs."

- Angela Bricker, Dip.CBST

From the Ground Up


"I just completed and graduated with the Diploma of Professional Dog Training.  I am so proud of this accomplishment that I wanted to share a little history and experience.  I wanted this diploma as a validation for myself, to prove that after so many years training with out a ‘certification’, that I actually do know something.  So I decided that I would enroll in a program.  I looked at many programs and this was the one I chose as I felt this would give me the best education in training and behavior that I wanted—not just the how, but the why.  I get the approval to enroll from my company and received my first assignment.  I cried while reading it thinking what have I done.  Not only do I not understand this terminology, but have I also wasted my company‘s money? We are a non-profit that trains service dogs for veterans and rely on donations to survive.  I didn’t touch the first assignment for a week. Then I said, “ok, you have got to pull it together”, so I did and began reading.  Thank you to James for his unending patience with me.  I loved this course!!  I now want to take the larger behavior program.  Please be patient with yourself, it takes a little time but it is so beneficial.  Your knowledge of training and behavior will grow exponentially.  Use the classroom, even if you are too timid to speak up, (as I was), read what others are saying.  Use your notes, your Glossary and the required books.  There is valuable information in all of them.  If you really want this, go for it, stick it out, it is worth it."


- Kathy Tracy, Dip.PDT

"Completing my Dip.CBST through CASI was one of the best decisions I have made for my business and my career. I found the course to be challenging but not overwhelming due to the fantastic support provided by James and the classroom. The way that the course is delivered to students also lends to this and provides adequate flexibility to ensure everyone has the best chance at succeeding provided they are putting in the effort. I have developed my theoretical knowledge significantly and am extremely proud to have my diploma! Thank you James and CASI for providing such a brilliant course."

- Jess Sandstrom , Dip.CBST


Sandstrom Dog Training

"As many of us know, the dog training field is a very unregulated one, and it is the field I would one day love to be in as an independent business that can provide services to clients in need. This is what drove me to attend day courses, and the instructor is who pointed this program out to me. This program was not mandatory, but I really wanted an educational background in canine behavior which is why I was so glad I was introduced to this program! I was able to keep up with the pace, and found that the courses were full of great information and hands-on step by step explanations on how to deal with real-life situations you will encounter in real life."


- Bejarano, Dayano, Dip.CBST

Graduate, Diploma of Canine Behavior Science and Technology

Tricks & Treats

"I recently graduated the Diploma of Canine Behaviour Science and technology program and am thrilled to be able to move forward with my dream of working with dogs. The courses were challenging as they should have been and I am left feeling completely confident in my ability to manage behaviour issues as they arise. The science behind this program of study makes it stand alone out there in the academic opportunities provided for canine work and I would highly recommend it to anybody who has an interest in gaining tools and knowledge to help in their doggie pursuits. The support from James and the classroom was wonderful, you never felt alone and if you needed help, it was always right there. Don’t hesitate, you’ll be so glad you did it!!"

"I have been raw-feeding my dogs for six years now, and my biggest struggle was finding accurate information surrounding rawfeeding. A lot of information is out there, but they are not all necessarily backed up by science. Last year, I decided to get a certification in Canine Nutrition myself. I compared several courses available worldwide, and in the end, I chose to enroll in CASI's Canine Nutrition program. My decision was based on the comprehensive curriculum and focus on science-based studies. After finishing the program, I could say the program was everything I expected and even more. I found a lot of small details that I overlooked in my six years of rawfeeding experience; some were widely believed to be factual in the rawfeeding community but not scientifically correct. Overall, graduating from this course gave me not only the knowledge and education but also research skills. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to further their knowledge on dog nutrition."

Regina, Patty Cert.CN

Graduate, Certificate in Canine Nutrition


“I decided to complete the CBST program to solidify my knowledge and learn more after almost a decade of working with dogs. This program is very well thought out. Each course builds upon the other, and I found it consistently interesting. The course is challenging in the best way possible! You will likely find yourself looking at dogs in a completely different way and recognizing things you had just recently learned about. James was quick to respond if I had a question or needed extra clarification on a topic. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a professional in the dog world.  


- Kelsey Shepherd 

Graduate, Diploma of Canine Behavior Science and Technology

Vancouver, B.C

"I have wanted to do the Diploma in canine behaviour for a long time but knew it would be a lot of work so kept putting it off, finally I decided to take the plunge and I am so glad I did, this course is amazing, from the required texts to the course notes and further reading I loved every minute of it. Yes it is hard work but oh so worth it. When I had complete the canine diploma I felt like I didn't want it to end so I then went on to do the animal behaviour diploma including cats and parrots into this one. Wow they were awesome too. I can't recommend CASI enough to anyone wanting further knowledge in behaviour."


- Tanya Edwards Dip CBST, Dip ABST

Graduate, Diploma of Canine Behavior Science and Technology and Diploma of Animal Behavior Science

"After years of toying with the idea of learning about canine nutrition to venture into a new career territory, I found CASI's programme. The outline for the course, the school itself, and the instructors, all resonated with me for being able to provide an unbiased, thorough, informative, science-based course that would give me a solid base in this subject. I was not disappointed. The detail and structure of the course were great. Susan - the instructor - was patience and helpful when questions were asked or in marking assignments, to ensure I learned from any mistakes or uncertainties. I was delighted to pass with such a high grade and I now can't wait to get started on the Advanced training, along with moving into the behaviour science and training programmes, to deepen my knowledge ready to work with our lovely furry friends in a professional capacity."


- Begley, Sarah, Cert.CN
Graduate, Certificate of Canine Nutrition

“I recently completed and graduated in the Diploma of Canine Behaviour Science and Technology. When I started with CASI I had a dog training certificate already and was teaching dog training classes and in-home sessions, however I wanted to extend my knowledge in animal behaviour, the science behind it and an animal friendly, positive reinforcement-based method.

I am so happy I came across such an in-depth, ethical and scientifically based programme. I was very excited but also very nervous taking on this diploma as I haven’t had any formal study in a long time and being a mum with little kids while running a business.
Being able to self-pace meant I could structure my study time around my work and family obligation without conflict and knowing that I could get an extension if I needed, gave me peace of mind. 


The course material and assignments challenged me to develop a thorough understanding of behaviour theory and I am so glad I persevered through the challenging time at the start as well as the long time it took me to get used to the terminology ( English being my second language) however, it became easier as the course progressed.

The classroom was a great forum for learning and asking questions, distance learning was not a problem.  I have enjoyed this course so much, that I will now continue and do the Dip.ABST. I highly recommend CASI to anyone working with animals.

I am thankful for the education, experience and skills that I have gained through the CBST program and I want to especially thank James for his support and patience with me.”

-Maja McDougall, Dip.CBST
Graduate, Diploma of Canine Behaviour Science and Technology
Essential Dog Training and Behaviour Consultant
Sunshine Coast, Australia

For anyone looking to take their understanding and application of animal behaviour, or behaviour management techniques to another level, I cannot recommend this course enough. Although the materials at times can be challenging, and the course itself requires considerable reading, reviewing and re-reading of the materials, the skillset you acquire as a result of completing the course is invaluable. I started this course with what I considered a solid foundation of animal behaviour based on years of research and first-hand experience working with animals, but after completing this course, I can honestly say my skillset has improved considerably, and I now have a solid, scientifically-based approach to working with my clients and their pets.

- Alexandria Towers, Dip.ABST

Graduate, Diploma of Canine Behaviour Science and Technology

Wales, UK

"I am a volunteer at the SPCA in Canada and wanted to be able to explain the behaviors of some of the dogs that come into the care of the society. I found the CBST study to be helpful to why an animal reacts to certain stimulations and moreover gives me the tools to be able to change that reaction with positive reinforcement."


- Rosemarie Stevenson, Dip.CBST

Graduate, Diploma of Canine Behaviour Science and Technology

"Taking this program of study was slightly intimidating, but I am so thankful that I decided to enroll. I learned a massive amount about canine nutrition and feel that I would not have learned the things that I learned anywhere else. The class was amazing, the instructors helpful, and overall I felt very confident and comfortable in this program. I would recommend it to anyone looking to advance their canine nutrition knowledge and better understand our companions needs!"

- Emilee Johnson, CertCN

Graduate, Certificate of Canine Nutrition

The diploma level behavior program from Companion Animal Sciences Institute (CASI) was the most extensive behavior program I have registered in. The program is written at a Master's college-level understanding and spends a great amount of time really driving the concepts that support a throughout understanding of each topic. The assignments at the end of each course are written out and word counted. These are not multiple-question quizzes. This is a self-paced course of study; however, I highly encourage any student should be very diligent in this course. The concepts will come together with time. Much more, the depth of each concept is explored in many ways and has gotten me to research it further. Ultimately, I loved the program and feel so much more knowledgeable about canine behavior and aggression work. I also enjoyed breaking down the concepts of behaviorology and how they apply to canines. This is a tough course but completely worth it."

Steven Tallas, CDTK, Dip.CBST, FFCP

"Working on the assignments was a great way to deepen my understanding. It was a challenge for me to attend this program, but it was a good decision because I had a great experience! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend this program regardless of the country I live in."


- Mihoko Nakata, Cert.CN, CPDT-KA

Graduate, Certificate of Canine Nutrition

"CASI offers students a unique choice of programs in a highly academic setting, allowing students to approach their learning experience at their own rate of speed and comfort. The student is provided with many resources and allowed immediate and intimate interactions with both teachers and other students to more fully enhance their knowledge and learning experience. The CASI community is a family of learners and friends that lasts beyond the graduation of the learner, leading to networking opportunities far into the future. Through this program my knowledge and application of behavior technology have been greatly bolstered and enhanced. I’ve felt the ripples reverberate beyond my immediate training, affecting my lifestyle and worldview in highly positive and reinforcing subtleties. CASI offers growth for those who seek such, encourages students to not only endorse positive change with their own furkids or those of others, but inspires one to make a difference in every interaction had with the environment on a daily basis, in a highly positive manner. I can not recommend this program enough and words fail to convey it’s true import! Become a student today and you will not be disappointed. I look forward to the positive influence you will one day bring to a world in dire need of R+ solutions!"


- James ‘JR’ Henderson, Dip.FBST 

ZenCatsRoc Behavioral Solutions 

Rochester, NY 

"I have a degree in Zootechnical Engineering and I am a canine trainer, in Portugal, at It's All About Dogs. I have always been very interested in animal welfare issues, especially canine and I felt that there was a gap in my training in dog food and nutrition, so that I could better understand this world, answer questions that arose in me and to better advise the tutors I work with. I had heard of CASI and its scientific rigor and when I realized that they had a certification in dog nutrition I had to sign up. It really lived up to all my expectations and even more aroused my interest in this area, which I believe will help me a lot in my day-to-day work. I am very satisfied and eager to start the next nutrition course! I strongly recommend it."

- João Topete, Cert.CN

Graduate, Certificate in Canine Nutrition

Oporto, Portugal

"I discovered the Companion Animal Sciences Institute as a member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants. I decided to register for the Diploma of Animal Behaviour Science and Technology to further enhance my on-going education of animal behaviour in general and to improve my skills in training dogs in a kind and respectful manner.  Not only did I get the opportunity to master such skills in this program, but my professor, James O’Heare, is a master at teaching and coaching his students to not only pass the courses but truly learn the material.  James was always there to explain course material that seemed too difficult to comprehend initially.  Now that I have graduated, I thank you James for getting me there!" 


- Judy Weiss, Dip.ABST

Graduate, Diploma of Animal Behavior Science and Technology


Business owner:


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I just completed the Dip.PDT. Because of the advanced nature of the program I was a bit uneasy about tackling the course. I couldn't be happier with the knowledge and confidence I have gained. Though challenging, it was presented in small enough increments that it never became overwhelming and James O'heare was always fast to respond with any questions I had. The course was most informative helping to fill in gaps in my knowledge of the science of behavior as well as building my fluency in communicating using the correct terminology, writing up training plans and mechanics. Now that I have completed the smaller program, I am eager to further CASI studies with the Animal Behavior Science and Technology program."

Maggie Beltran, CPDT-KA, Dip  PDT

Graduate, Diploma of Professional Dog Training

Wooster, Ohio  USA


"I've done several other canine nutrition courses, and I definitely gained the most from this program! I wasn't initially sure about the format of this program, as it required purely self-study. But I found that I really enjoyed it, as I could go at my own pace, and it was very comprehensive and scientific. Susan, the course instructor, was very detailed in her feedback and grading, too - which pushed me to be detailed in my assignments. I'm looking forward to pursuing the Advanced CN program now :)"

-Yvonne Soh, Cert.CN

Graduate, Certificate in Canine Nutrition

"To be honest, I was intimidated when I looked at CASI the first few times! I hadn't been in a formal education setting in over 20 years and the description made it sound like I'd be in WAY over my head. However, after the first few courses in the program, I found that the program is set up for the student to succeed (antecedent arrangement, A+). All answers for assignments were found in the course notes; and, anytime I had questions, James was incredibly quick and supportive in his responses. Beyond that, the online classroom was full of very helpful students. In short, CASI was very challenging, but the content is broken down & built in such a way that by the end you have an incredibly vast knowledge of behavior. I highly recommend it!!!"


-Liz Cousins, Dip.FBST

Graduate, Diploma of Professional Feline Training
Liz Loves Cats

"I was looking for a comprehensive canine fitness course, and the Certificate in Canine Fitness course fit the bill perfectly. The information provided was thorough and covered subjects that one might miss out on if one were to do self-learning. If you’ve read James O’Heare’s books, you know the content provided in the CASI courses is science-based and updated. Learning with them has been a privilege, and I look forward to signing up for more courses!"

- Webster Cheong Kheng Kay, Cert.CN

Graduate, Certificate of Canine Nutrition


"After spending the better part of a decade working in a small business pet shop, I became fascinated with feline and canine nutrition. I was also fascinated by the lack of educational courses out there that could teach us, non-veterinary students and “crazy” pet parents, more about our beloved companion’s diet(s).
I spent several weeks comparing online courses and always came back to CASI. This course isn’t like many others online, that only specifically targets one type of diet. The Canine Nutrition course from CASI is a very straightforward nutritional course that walks you through the basics of your canine’s nutritional needs, to the various diets on the market, and how you could even prepare a diet at home, safely. 
This is the perfect course for anyone wanting to know more about their companion’s nutritional needs and what more they can do as a pet parent to provide a longer and healthier life for their best friend."

- Kris Dzierzyc, Cert.CN
Graduate, Certificate of Canine Nutrition



“With few training providers in Australia, I started looking overseas and found the Companion Animal Sciences Institute. I was moving from protection and sport dog training to behaviour consulting, so the Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology appealed to me. I was impressed by the blend of practical and scientific content, although it can be a bit overwhelming for the first few assignments which dive into the science of behaviour. The course is well-constructed, and the material is well-written and well-researched. I recommend adding the material for each new subject into one PDF, which adds up to over 600 pages – this way, you can search the entire course to find what you are looking for. I continue to use the material all the time and reference it daily. James was very supportive of my journey and quickly got assignments back to you – on marking; he is hard but fair. The Dip CBST would have to be one of the industry's most challenging and comprehensive courses. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in the science of dog behaviour.”

- Corcoran, Scott Dip CBST

Graduate Diploma of Canine Behaviour Sciences and Technology



"When I found CASI it had been a while since I was looking for science-based, objective training offered by an organization independent of the dog food companies. The canine nutrition program met my expectations. I really appreciated being able to work at my own pace. Susan and James answer questions quickly and provide great service!"


-Judith Pelletier B.SC., Dt.P, Certificate of Canine Nutrition Graduate

“Having researched many online courses for canine nutrition, it took me a while to take the plunge and sign up.  I am so pleased I did as the learning experience was fabulous.  Although I’ve been in the pet industry for many years, the course content not only reinforce my own understanding of canine nutrition, it also enriched my knowledge base.  Thank you for the support and guidance throughout this enjoyable experience”.

- Jodie Richardson, Cert.CN

Graduate, Certificate of Canine Nutrition


“I had taken several certifications in companion animal behavior and training but felt that they were not good enough. Then I was lucky enough to come across the Diploma of Animal Behavior Science and Technology. This course has exceeded my expectations. It is comprehensive and has a huge amount of necessary information. It may be too difficult, especially for those who want to learn companion animal behavior for the first time. However, it is well worth the challenge. I highly recommend the Diploma of Animal Behavior Science and Technology. Thank you so much James!”


-Natsumi Tsuji

Graduate, Diploma of Animal Behavior Science and Technology

"CASI’s Certificate in Canine Nutrition program has been a journey! Working remotely already I was nervous how long I would take on this program but I quickly became addicted to wanting to learn more. Given how structured and easily comprehensible this course was, I was able to complete it all within 3 months. This course was exceptional and definitely the most credible course I have taken in regards to nutrition. Pet nutrition is so complex, but I felt so much more confident after each lesson. This was challenging yet so educational and in depth. Susan, I am so grateful for your guidance and your feedback throughout this journey. James, thank you, as you have established an incredible Institute. I am so proud to be a graduate!"

- Nicole Burik, Cert.CN

Graduate, Certificate of Canine Nutrition

"As a recent graduate of the Canine Behavior Science and Technology program, I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to expand their skills and knowledge in the field of canine behavior. This program is science-based, rigorous, and intensive, but the depth of knowledge and practical experience is well worth the effort. Thanks to this course, I have acquired a more profound understanding of the laws and principles of behavior, and now I possess greater confidence in my abilities. I can say that this course has literally changed the way I analyze and implement behavior change procedures, and the principles will stick with me for a lifetime! Thank you, James O'Heare and the Companion Animal Sciences Institute, for this brilliant program and all the support provided."


- Adrienne Farricelli Dip. CBST

Graduate, Diploma of Canine Behavior Science and Technology

"This course has been a wonderful experience and builds the perfect foundation for learning about canine nutrition. I chose to enroll in the course because I wanted to be certain that I was feeding my dog exactly what she needs. The research I had done on CASI eased my mind that I would be diving into a trusted source rather than wondering if the random articles I was reading online were backed by science or not. The classes are purposefully designed to be building blocks, allowing for the pieces to fall into place and things to start to make sense as the program progresses. Thank you Susan and James for creating a program that has allowed me to dive into a subject outside of my day job that I'm genuinely interested in."


- Maree Jo Rodas, Cert.CN

Graduate, Certificate of Canine Nutrition

“Studying through CASI really changed how I see animal behaviour. It proved to me that positive reinforcement is effective when implemented the right way! I thoroughly enjoyed the coursework as it was to-the-point, informative, and included lots of examples and hands-on assignments. James and the CASI community also provided assistance whenever I had questions or needed help. Overall, it was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to make a difference in animals' lives!”

- Samantha Martin

Graduate, Diploma of Animal Behavior Science and Technology (Aggressive Behavior Specialization)

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