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Susan Dillon

Susan Dillon, M.H., Dip.NS., Dip. C.N., Dip.ACBS., Dip.CFNA.

Advisory Board Member, Department Head Canine Fitness and Nutritional Sciences, Instructor

Susan lives in the mountains of Pennsylvania with her husband and son, 3 dogs and 3 cats. She has been training and showing dogs for 50 years and has won many awards and obedience titles with various breeds. Susan (a Dog Behavior Consultant and Certified Canine Fitness and Nutritional Consultant) has owned an animal fitness and nutrition counseling business since 2000. She customizes each animal's nutritional plan to their individual needs and provides follow-up advice if necessary. These plans are designed to provide optimal nutrition for each animal and if health concerns are an issue, diets can be formulated to a veterinarian's specifications.

Susan graduated from The Companion Animal Sciences Institute as a Certified Canine Fitness and Nutritional Advisor with a "Distinction" level Diploma of Canine Nutrition Consulting and went on to graduate a college nutrition course at the top of her class. Susan is Course Instructor and Department Head for The Companion Animal Sciences Institute's Nutrition and Fitness Department. Susan also holds a Diploma of Advanced Canine Behavioral Sciences (Dip.ACBS) specializing in canine nutrition, Diploma of Cynology (Dip.C.), a Diploma of Canine Behavior (Dip.C.B.), is a Certified Canine Behavioral Theorist (C.C.B.T.) and has also finished her post-graduate Dog Aggression Theoretical Specialist certification. 

Susan holds a Diploma in Natural Science through Huntington College of Health Sciences (accredited DETC, an agency approved by the U.S. Department of Education) with a 4.0 grade point average. This diploma consisted of the following courses: 

  • BIO210 Human Biology

  • BIOL110 Intro to Anatomy & Physiology

  • CHE210 General Chemistry

  • CHE410 Organic and Biochemistry

  • NUT101 Understanding Nutrition I

  • HEA201 Environmental Challenges and Solutions

She also holds a Diploma in Comprehensive Nutrition (Dip. C.N.) through Huntington College of Health Sciences. This diploma consisted of the additional following courses:

  • NUT402 Clinical Nutrition

  • NUT201 Understanding Nutrition II

  • NUT401 Nutrition Counseling Skills 

Susan has also graduated Principles of Animal Nutrition through the Animal Sciences department Purdue University with a 99%. The course dealt with classification and function of nutrients, deficiency symptoms, digestive processes, characterization of feedstuffs, and formulation of diets for domestic animals. All aspects of nutrition were considered for domestic animals, from fundamentals of nutrition through feeds and feeding. There was exposure to computerized ration balancing techniques, in addition to the principles of ration formulation by hand methods. 

Susan has graduated from Pet Nutrition through Colorado State University's Animal Sciences Department with a 101.5% (when figuring in extra credit). The course dealt with all aspects of nutrition, ration calculations, digestive systems of a multitude of species, and specific nutrition of the dog, cat, birds, reptiles/amphibians, fish, small mammals, invertebrates, and other miscellaneous animals. The course covered commonly used pet food ingredients and ingredients used for the nutrition of zoo animals as well as calculations related to energy and food requirements for numerous species.

Susan also has a Certificate from Southern Illinois University in Canine and Feline Nutrition. She graduated with high marks and in record time for the program. The program included the following courses:

  • ANS 115:  Introduction to Companion Animal Nutrition

  • ANS 215:  Introduction to Nutrition

  • ANS 316:  Ration Formulation for Companion Animals

  • ANS 365:  Canine and Feline Nutrition

  • ANS 445:  Companion Animal Clinical Nutrition

  • ANS 481:  Recent Topics in Companion Animal Nutrition

Susan is also a Certified Master Herbalist. She finished her program through Heart of Herbs. It entailed 2300 total course hours and included:

  • 1200 Hours Instruction Time

  • 100 Hours Botany

  • 75 Hours A&P, Nutrition, Chemistry

  • 125 Hours Materia Medica

  • 100 Hours Wildcrafting (this is also required for components of other programs sections like, formulation, botany and individual projects)

  • 50 Hours Research/ herbal News, etc..

  • 100 Hours Individual Projects

  • 500 Hours Intakes, Practice, Business Planning

This program entailed both practical exercises as well as traditional book studying available through a distance course.

In addition to all of that education, Susan also has a Certificate in Animal Health Sciences from the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies that covered:

  • First Aid for Pets

  • Companion Animal Health and Wellbeing

  • Animal Anatomy and Physiology

  • Companion Animal Diseases

As well as completing their Natural Animal Nutrition program and will soon be completing their Advanced Certification Small Animal Naturopathy program. She also holds an Animal Health Professional Membership through CIVT.

Susan was a founding BOD member and Certified Member of IAABC, and founding coordinating member of the Applied Companion Animal Behavior Network. She also serves as a The Companion Animal Sciences Institute Advisory Board Member as well as an Advisory Board Member for the International Dog Sport Coaches Association.

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