Memberships, Course Approvals, CEUs and Certification Options

CASI is proud to possess the following approvals, pre-approvals and memberships and to be able to offer continuing education unit credits. Our mission is professional development. CASI programs are not to be intended as vocational, that is, providing all training required to prepare someone for providing professional services within any field. We are pleased to help contribute to professional skills development and upgrading with solid science-based educational programs. Part of how we help is by providing the following credits.

Please note: Our new course structure is basically divided versions of the previous larger courses as you will see listed below. In the interim, while we get the new courses as they are named and numbered now, the new courses accumulate to satisfy the older courses and the CEUs can be provided either way.

Association of Animal Behavior Professionals


Approved Education Provider

CASI courses qualify toward certification with the AABP



Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT)

Pre-Approved Courses

for Providing Continuing Education Unit Credits

The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) is an international testing and certification program for professional pet dog trainers. The CCPDT's certification program is based on humane training practices and the latest scientific knowledge related to dog training. Competence and continued growth in training practices is promoted through the recertification of qualified professionals. The following CCPDT pre-approved courses earn you Continuing Education Units toward re-certification requirements:

Domestic Dog Behavior 103 (15 CEUs for trainers; 6 CEUs for behavior consultants) exp. June 10 2017

Principles of Behavior 104 (21 CEUs for trainers; 21 CEUs for behavior consultants) exp. June 10 2017

Animal Training Technology 105 (21 CEUs for trainers) exp. June 10 2017

Functional Assessment 108 (6 CEUs for trainers; 15 CEUs for behavior consultants) exp. June 10 2017

Professional Activities in Animal Behavior Technology 113 (20 CEUs for trainers) exp. June 2017

Behaviorology 299 (21 CEUs for Trainers) exp. June 10 2017

Aggressive Behavior in Dogs 208 (20 CEUs for Trainers) exp. June 10 2017

Behavior Change Programming 114 (21 CEUs for Trainers; 6 CEUs for behavior consultants) exp. June 10 2017

Temperament Evaluation 231 (21 CEUs for trainers) exp. June 10 2017


International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants CEUs Awarded Courses

Certification candidates may identify their CASI education to the IAABC certification board for consideration toward certification. They may also identify their courses toward continuing education requirements for recertification.

Principles of Behavior 104 (25 CEUs)

Domestic Dog Behavior 103 (17.5 CEUs) & Dog Behavior Problems 107 (17.5 CEUs) [now combined]

Dog Training Technology 101 (25 CEUs)

Feline Behavior 287 (17.5 CEUs)

Behavior Consulting with Parrots and People 288 (36 CEUs)

Animal Training Technology 105 (25 CEUs)

Functional Assessment 108 (20 CEUs)

Professional Activities in Animal behavior Technology 113 (25 CEUs) & Professional Ethics 106 (12.5 CEUs)[Now combined into Professional Activities and Ethics 113]

Behaviorology 299 (25 CEUs)

Aggressive Behavior in Dogs 208 (20 CEUs)

Behavior Change Programming 114 (25 CEUs)

Temperament Evaluation 231 (25 CEUs)

Introduction to Shelter and Rescue Work (25 CEUs)


Pet Professional Guild’s Pet Professional Accreditation Board CEUs

Each course earns 32 CEUs 


CASI is Approved by the Delta Society Australia


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