230 - Introduction to Shelter and Rescue Work

Course Title: Introduction to Shelter and Rescue Work - 230

Instructor: Molly Stone, CDBC; Dip.A.B; CC-SF/SPCA

Tuition: $350

Course Description:

This foundational course will survey the various aspects of the modern shelter and rescue operation, including the various types if shelters and rescue organizations, how various shelters and rescue operations work, the positions and roles of various staff and volunteers as well as safety and liability issues. Cleaning and disease risk prevention will be covered in great detail. Students should emerge from this course able to analyze and discuss these topic areas.

Required Resources:

  • Avoiding Liability DVD by Phillips. Click here. (approx. $60)
  • http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos168.htm
  • Bridging the Bond: The Cultural Construction of the Shelter Pet by Tami L. Harbolt.  Publisher: Purdue University Press (December 11, 2002)  ISBN-10: 1557532605
  • Compassion Fatigue in the Animal-Care Community by Charles R. Figley  Publisher: Humane Society Press (February 23, 2006) ISBN-10: 0974840076
  • Kalnajs, Sarah. Am I Safe? The Art & Science of Canine Behavior Assessment DVD set. Blue Dog Training and Behavior Edition: 2006 DVD ISBN: 897059001009 Click here.
  • Shelter Medicine for Veterinarians and Staff by Lisa Miller and Stephen Zawistowski. ISBN 0-8138-2448-6
  • Animal Sheltering Magazine May-June 1997 Article: "How to Clean a Dog Kennel"
  • Animal Sheltering Magazine May-June 2005 Article: "Spot Cleaning a Cat Cage"
  • Animal Sheltering Magazine July-August 2003 Articles: "Bleach Niche," "Resistance is Futile if You Clean Properly," "The Product Claim Game" and "The Disinfection Connection - Defining Terms"
  • http://www.animalsheltering.org
  • http://www.hsus.org
  • Tuber, D., Miller, D., Caris, K., Halter, R., Linden, F., Hennessy, M. (1999): Dogs in Animal Shelters: Problems, Suggestions, and Needed Expertise.  Psychological Science, 10(5), 379–386. Click here to purchase article or get through a library.
  • Scarlett, J., Salman, New, M., Kass, P. (1999). Reasons for Relinquishment of Companion Animals in US Animal Shelters: Selected Health and Personal Issues. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 2(1), 41-57. Click here or get through library.
  • New, J., Salman, M., Scarlett, J., Kass, P., Vaughn, J., Scherr, S., & Kelch, W. (1999). Moving: Characteristics of Dogs and Cats and Those Relinquishing Them to 12 U.S. Animal Shelters. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 2(2), 83-96. Click here to purchase or get through library.
  • http://www.cdc.gov/...

Prerequisites: None

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