109 - Independent Study

Course Title: Independent Study 109

Credits: 9 (Approx. 162 work-hours)

Instructor: James O'Heare, DLBC, CDBC, CABC

Course Description:

This course provides the student the opportunity to study in detail a topic of their choosing. Topics must be approved by the instructor. The student will work independently to research their topic and either present a critical review of the literature or a persuasive argument. Many students use the work they produce in this course as the basis for a book to be published or series of articles, seminars or lectures. This course is evaluated by way of the importance, clarity, conciseness, completeness and accuracy of the written paper. This course is used as a "specialization" in some programs.

Students should emerge from this course with an in-depth understanding of their chosen topic and practice applying critical thinking skills to writing a professional paper.

Course Texts:

None required

Course Evaluation:

This course will be evaluated by an essay assignment that will reflect and demonstrate competency in analyzing and discussing the chosen topic.

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